Looking for a faster takeoff? StartupStar takes the brakes off your Windows startup.

The new dashboard provides you with all useful informations
Take control of your applications

Did you know that an average PC has more than 20 different applications that are launched automatically when you start your PC? A lot of those startup entires are unnecessary and they usually slow down your PCs starting time.

Keep full control

You can see quick and efficient overview of all startup entries in the main screen and you can enable, disable, or delete them. With the built-in search function you can easily find applications.

Autostart firewall

StartupStar protects you against applications that want to add themselves into the startup of your PC. This new feature will alert you whenever a programm tries to add a new entry into your PC startup. This firewall mode of StartupStar helps you to keep your PC start clean and fast.

High security through backups

If you accidentally delete an entry, you can easily restore it using the backup - StartupStar logs every change.

Delay entries

StartupStar allows you to delay the start of applications. This reduces the number of simultaneous program starts during boot time and speeds up your boot experience.

Help creating new entries

With StartupStar you can instantly create new startup entries if you want. You can decide where when those startup entries will be launched. You have even the possibility to start programs with administrator rights without UAC (User Access Control).

Windows task scheduler included

StartupStar handles the entries in the Windows task scheduler that has been integrated into Windows (Windows Vista).

Ready for Windows 10

This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. This means for you: You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy this application today and even when you are switching to Windows 10 you can continue using this application without problems.

Your advantages in the full version

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Limitations in the trial version

Limited 30-day trial period, Dialog requesting purchase with each program start


Using the software.

The new dashboard provides you with all useful informations Kick useless program out. The new recommendation function tells you which program is useful and which not. You'll get an alert if a program wants to become evil
The new dashboard provides you with all useful informations
The new dashboard provides you with all useful informations Kick useless program out. The new recommendation function tells you which program is useful and which not. You'll get an alert if a program wants to become evil

Take control of your Windows Startup

Easy, secure and efficient

StartUpStar: Abelssoft eliminates startup irritants! It’s an almost universal problem on Windows PCs—unneeded programs that run on startup, adding extraneous time to the boot process, and then you ask yourself, how can I stop this programs to start with my computer? StartUpStar from Abelssoft has something to say about this. The program presents a list of startup items, and then let’s you decide which ones to keep or remove.

The software works with 64-bit startup programs, includes items from the Windows Task Scheduler and allows the user to specify delayed starts for individual programs. Far too many Windows programs are so bold to think that they’re indispensable, and should be started with every boot, without even asking the user. If nothing is done to prevent it, they’ll load with every Windows startup, whether they’re needed or not.

This is not good. Thanks to these self-flattering startup programs the boot process is further and further protracted. And even after they’re done starting, they continue to hog system memory and resources. The system becomes invariably slower.

StartUpStar, a Windows utility, cuts this dead weight off Windows. It lists every startup program, allowing the user to delete, deactivate, or reactivate individual items.
StartUpStar has many functions: - Compatible with 64-bit programs: Now no startup nuisances can escape the grasp of StartUpStar; both 32- & 64-bit programs can be detected and disabled.
- Supports the Windows Task Scheduler: Since Vista, Windows has utilized the “Task Scheduler”. StartUpStar will now display startup entries found in this scheduler.
- Delay startup items: On Windows Vista and newer operating systems, it’s possible to delay the initialization of startup items. Utilizing this method, the load on the system during startup can be spread out, preventing severe slow-downs.
- Search function: The new Search function can be used to quickly access specific startup items—no need to search through the entire list.
- Evaluate startup items: The program includes an evaluation function, which judges each startup item as useful, useless, or harmful. Any user can perform this evaluation.
The application is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Customer testimonials –

This is what our customers have to say.

It’s amazing and alarming to see how many programs found their way into my PC’s startup. Thanks to StartupStar I can quickly and easily clean things up!

Simon H.