All of the music on YouTube - downloaded to your computer with a single click!

Find music

Simply enter a song title, YouTube link or artist in the search box and you'll get great results from the YouTube portal. Afterwards, you can download the video or audio file.

Album search

The Album search helps you to find each song of an album on YouTube. For that, you simply need to enter the artist name and select an album.

Keep an overview

The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to get a clean and informative overview about the download status at any time.

Make your choice

The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to preview files immediately.

Ready for Windows 10

This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. This means for you: You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy this application today and even when you are switching to Windows 10 you can continue using this application without problems.

Now also available with Vevo

Besides YouTube is the high quality music portal of Vevo also integrated. Enjoy the music in best quality!

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YouTubeSongDownloader-Screenshot1 YouTubeSongDownloader-Screenshot2 YouTubeSongDownloader-Screenshot3 YouTubeSongDownloader-Screenshot4 YouTubeSongDownloader-Screenshot5

Abelssoft YouTube Song Downloader

Much more than only a converter for YouTube

YouTube is the great online treasure trove for all music lovers. Many wonder: how can I download this music for free? It's very simple. YouTube Song Downloader helps to search YouTube and now also the Vevo platform. Vevo is known for its particularly high quality. Here you can find official music videos, the best top 10 songs, many recordings of concerts and selected rare recordings, which can be viewed and listened to directly in the web browser with a mouse click. But how to download the songs as mp3 on your own hard drive?

. Here helps quite legally the YouTube Song Downloader from Abelssoft, with which you can download music for free. The program provides a completely browser-independent search, which searches specifically on YouTube for songs or artists. The intelligent search can do even more: In addition to the music title, links to a song on YouTube or Vevo can also be entered there. A hit list is immediately generated that lists all videos currently posted on YouTube that match the search term, along with their name, preview image and duration. Thus, the tool is clearly more than just a YouTube converter.

A mouse click is enough to play the video in its own window - gladly also in HD resolution. If the desired song is found, the video can be downloaded to your own hard drive for free. The Tube Song Downloader allows but also to extract only the audio track as MP3 and save it as a separate file to load it later, for example, in iTunes.

. Many users would like to download entire albums for free. Therefore, the album search was integrated. If you feed this search with the name of an artist, the tool lists all the albums tracked down on YouTube - often even with a cover. It is also possible to search specifically for a particular album.

Matching to each album, the Youtube Song Downloader calls the titles and play lengths of the associated tracks. The songs are marked in the program from home all for a download. With a click of the mouse, however, it is possible to remove individual songs from the download list at any time or to select an alternative version. Otherwise, a click on the button is enough to initiate the download - as video, as music or in both forms. In this way, it is possible for the first time to download all songs of an album in one go, in order to use them later in iTunes, for example. This is a much better and more legal option than portals like CannaPower and Co.

In addition, the YouTube Downloader offers the ability to listen to the downloaded music in a standalone audio player. This means that the program does not always have to run in the foreground. Users can thus run in the background the downloaded songs comfortably on the side.


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Komputer Swiat
Komputer Swiat / 11.03.2015

Youtube Song Downloader got a special 'Editor's Choice' award at Komputer Swiat, , one of the biggest polish...
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instalki.pl / 27.05.2015

The YouTube Song Downloader is very easy to use. Noteworthy is the localization into Polish, including all options.

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I love this program. You can access your favorite artists in all their different videos and obscure song versions, easily listening to your favorites pieces again and again.