EasyBackup is the zero-click backup for everyone: back up in seconds and without technical knowledge!

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Smart zero-click solution:

connect storage medium, remove it and you're done! The worry-free backup for everyone.


The tool reminds you to remove your backup media from the cabinet and connect it to your PC.

Easy recovery

In the clear calendar view you can choose with one click which backup you want to have restored.

Backup without worries

A logical pre-selection of the most important files makes a backup possible within seconds even without technical knowledge.

Your advantages in the full version

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Limitations in the trial version

Limited 30-day trial period, Dialog requesting purchase with each program start


Using the software.

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EasyBackup - Screenshot 1
EasyBackup - Screenshot 1 EasyBackup - Screenshot 2 EasyBackup - Screenshot 3 EasyBackup - Screenshot 4

A backup can be so easy!

EasyBackup - The zero-click-solution for everyone!

Every PC user knows how essential a backup is! Before important data is lost due to carelessness, a hardware defect or a virus attack, it should be protected in a backup.

Nevertheless, the unpleasant duty is often postponed until it is too late. No wonder, without prior technical knowledge you usually find yourself helplessly exposed to a mountain of questions: What should I back up? Where should I store the backup? How often should I make a backup? What is the perfect setting for a backup?

EasyBackup is the perfect zero-click-solution for everyone! EasyBackup backs up the data all by itself, as soon as a previously defined USB stick or an external hard disk is connected to the computer, the medium is recognized and the backup will start. It is a fast backup tool that can be used by every person immediately and is ready for everyday use in seconds.

In the ideal case EasyBackup does not even need to be set up, the most personal folders such as documents, pictures, music, etc. are selected for a backup by default. Additional folders can be added to the backup list with a single click. In principle, however, it is enough to insert your USB stick into the computer or connect an external hard drive - and a new backup is automatically created in the background. The software will also be happy to remind you to remove the USB stick from the shelf and put it back into the PC. Thanks to the latest technology, the software automatically recognizes the storage medium intended for backup.

Since the storage medium is not permanently connected to the PC, the data cannot be corrupted by a virus. This protects against ransomware and makes the backup particularly secure.

Thanks to modern generation technology, EasyBackup consumes sensationally small storage space. Of course you can also create a manual backup with EasyBackup if you want to go deeper into the backup material. EasyBackup can be used anytime and anywhere without having to install anything on your device.

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I am thrilled! It's so simple, it's madness!

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