Abelssoft Registry Cleaner - a turbocharger for your Windows Registry!

The SpeedUp

Scan the registry, correct errors and get rid of memory waste – automatically once a month, if desired.

More Stability and Speed

RegistryCleaner finds unneccessary files and removes them: for a stable and fast system.

Scans the registry for errors

RegistryCleaner discovers errors: for a stable and fast system.

SmartClean feature

Changing entries within your registry can quickly end in catastrophes if you are not an expert. Our SmartClean feature protects you from this by only cleaning and correcting entries that are garbage. None of your working entries will be touched.

Optimizes Access Rates

Similarly to your hard disk, your registry gets fragmented over time. This means that Windows has to jump to different locations for accessing information. This jumping costs time and makes your system slow. Our integrated registry defragmentation re-assembles all parts and allows Windows to read the registry faster than before.

Ready for Windows 10

This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed.

Your advantages in the full version

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Limitations in the trial version

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Using the software.

Abelssoft's Registry Cleaner

The makeover for the Windows central database!

Unfortunately many applications and tools write unasked new entries into the Windows registry. This can lead to slow performance or even to crash. With Registry Cleaner the order will be restored. If your PC is slow, registry cleaner is an available solution!

The Windows registry is the central database of your PC. Every program, every driver, every service leaves dozens of new entries in the central database of Windows. This inflates the registry unnecessarily. Unfortunately, many of these messages remain in the registry, even if the related programs have already been uninstalled.

If the registry is not cleaned up regularly, Windows will take longer to load, since it takes more time to read a huge amount of information. This makes the whole system run slower. In addition, superfluous and empty references entries may negatively affect the stability of the system: Windows crashes or it works in an unreliable way.

The Registry Cleaner is your cleaning assistant. The suite of the software analyzes the registry and removes all unnecessary entries. It works like this:

1. After starting the Registry Cleaner, the software will check when the last system cleaning took place. If the last cleaning was made too long ago, it’s only needed to click "Scan Now" to perform a new analysis. It’s possible to limit the scan to certain areas of the registry or to perform a complete registry analysis.

2. The Registry Cleaner lists the number of issues encountered in the registry, and the user can view each problem in detail. To make it easier for the normal PC users, the system uses a color display. If the software detects serious problems, the needle of the tachometer will be placed at the red zone: "Bad". To solve this problem immediately, it’s only necessary to do a single click on "Clean".

3. For your safety, Registry Cleaner creates a backup copy of all removal actions. If an action was made accidentaly, or an important entry was removed, the backup can be restored just clicking on the "Restore" option.

The tool is possible to do an automated scan once a month, so that a regular registry cleaning is always guaranteed.

Dr. Sven Abels, CEO of Ascora GmbH: "The Registry Cleaner deletes obsolete and redundant entries, which affects the Windows performance significantly. It also contains an important defragmentation function."