Misplaced one of those pesky product keys? MyKeyFinder’s got you covered!

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Product keys - restored

Directly after the start, MyKeyFinder starts its path towards your PC and scans certain areas of the windows registry. After 1-2 minutes, it shows you all product keys in a clean list.

No duplicates

Product keys might be stored at different locations, and may even be available multiple times. MyKeyFinder filters and removes all invalid keys and all duplicate entries, so that you don't have to worry about it.

Various export options

Need to print your product keys? MyKeyFinder can export the keys as a PDF, print them, or even copy them to your clipboard.

Search- and filter function

The search- and filterfunction is able to find every serial number you need. A blacklist filters excessive or outdated numbers to guarantee a better overview.

Your advantages in the Plus version

External scans

Also scans external hard drives

W-LAN Passwords

Also finds wireless passwords

We're there for you

Free email support

Don't miss out

6 months of free updates and new versions

Plus-version for $10.00
Limitations in the free version

Contribution request screens, Basic functionality only


Using the software.

MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot
MyKeyFinder - Screenshot
MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot MyKeyFinder - Screenshot

Where is my serial key?

MyKeyFinder - License keys and Wi-Fi passwords – with just one-click!

Where is the license key of Microsoft Office? Or Windows? Or from Adobe Photoshop? MyKeyFinder helps the user to keep serial numbers in order, for free!

What is the serial number of my Adobe Acrobat? If the user wants to install a licensed program again or on a second computer, the setup requires the license key. It is usually given to the user on the package or on the DVD case of the software. Over the years, these serial numbers are easily lost. What can you do in this case?

The solution for this issue: MyKeyFinder: This Windows tool search and list the user license keys, so that they are available every time the user needs.

To make this work, the tool works cleverly - it scans the Windows registry. All serial numbers are stored, when a new software is installed. However, this task is not easy, since serial numbers can be deposited in various locations in the registry, MyKeyFinder does this job for the user, and search for them automatically.

The result of this research is a clear list. The serial numbers are listed directly in the program window, and the license key can be copied from here specifically to the clipboard. The list can also be printed at any time or exported as a PDF document.

Dr. Sven Abels, CEO of Abelssoft: "All of these functions can be used completely free of charge our users. But if the user wants to use features of the new version MyKeyFinder, we ask for a small tip, in order to unlock the Plus version."

MyKeyFinder Plus: New features in the full version: MyKeyFinder was reprogrammed from scratch to be faster, more stable, easier to use and to be compatible to Windows 10. In addition, the algorithm now finds even more Keys than before. This concerns, for example, Adobe license keys.

Other new features are available to users only in the Plus full version:

- WLAN-Passwords: It is easy to forget wireless passwords. MyKeyFinder can immediately locate the utilized Wi-Fi passwords in the computer and can be used when in need.

- External Hard-drives: In the new version external hard drives can also be searched. This is an important method to locate the license numbers, if the Windows installation is damaged.


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