Use the Find My Files search program to search and find files in a lightning fast way.

Advanced Search Technology

Specially developed search methods from data forensics ensure fast and complete finding of searched files.

Detailed Overview

Get recently used files and important file information at a glance.

Careless Working On The PC

Never again worry about where to store something or which name to use. You have the security that you will find back everything!

Time Saving At All Levels

Keyboard shortcuts, an overview of recently used files and quick tracking ensure speed at all times.

Your advantages in the full version

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Limitations in the trial version

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Using the software.

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Screenshot-FindMyFiles-All Screenshot-FindMyFiles-Doc Screenshot-FindMyFiles-Overview

Search and find files quickly.

Use the special search program to find every file on your PC!

Who doesn't know that? A file on the PC has suddenly disappeared and you wonder desperately: How do I find a file?

In everyday stress it happens quickly that you just save an important file and forget where to place it. Keeping order in the flood of files on your PC is difficult and finding something in the daily growing chaos is almost hopeless. The search for a missing file often becomes an annoying search for the needle in the haystack. With the right choice of search program, however, you can find what you are looking for in seconds.

Find My Files allows you to store files at any time and easily browse for them later.

In daily use Find My Files impresses with an enormously high speed and accuracy, based on a specially developed search syntax for NTFS index technology. New methods of data forensics are used, which are also used by ministries and investigative authorities .

The search program has a helpful Search-As-You-Type function, which provides you a suitable result in real time while entering the search term. External hard disks can also be included in the search if you want.

The result list can be sorted by important information with a single click and, for example, the largest memory-consuming files on the hard disk can be determined. Iyou will see that Find My Files is not one of them. It is a great tool in terms of benefits, but takes up surprisingly little space on your computer.

Thanks to its advanced search algorithms, Find My Files can even detect super links such as hard links, what you can not find in other search tools on the market. With an average acquisition time of less than 30 seconds for 1 million files, the search program ranks at the top of all searching tools of his class.

In addition to path and name, a practical overview displays further information on file attributes, such as size, change date and creation date. With this control center you always have all files in a view.

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I can't believe how fast the search goes. In fact, everything can usually already be found in the overview.

Frieda H.