Data2Pocket: With one click all photos, videos and songs for on the go on a stick


Data2Pocket pulls all your photos, videos and songs onto one stick with just one click for on-the-go use.

Knows every corner

An intelligent depth scan searches every computer hiding place for files at lightning speed.

Saves time and money

Never again browse the entire system for hours for pictures, clips and music.

Simple operation

The use is completely self-explanatory. Insert the stick, start the program and put it in your pocket.

Your advantages in the Plus version

Plus-version for $10.00
Limitations in the free version

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Using the software.

Screenshot-data2pocket-Welcome Screenshot-data2pocket-Filters Screenshot-data2pocket-Search Screenshot-data2pocket-Results Screenshot-data2pocket-Process
Screenshot-data2pocket-Welcome Screenshot-data2pocket-Filters Screenshot-data2pocket-Search Screenshot-data2pocket-Results Screenshot-data2pocket-Process

Data to go:

Now you can put all your photos, documents, songs and videos in your pocket.

Who doesn't know it, you want to take your music to a barbecue with friends or your last holiday pictures to a family reunion, without having to laboriously collect everything or copy it back and forth. Wouldn't it be nice if you could put everything in your pocket in seconds instead of carrying clunky tablets or your entire laptop with you?

With Data2Pocket this is no problem! With one click, your computer is searched for all documents, pictures, videos and songs and everything is dragged to a stick, USB disk or folder. So you always have all your important things with you.

Numerous folders, download directories and many hidden corners, where should you search for your files everywhere? With this program you don't have to worry that you might forget an important photo or song. Data2Pocket finds them all in no time! Never again will you have to spend hours searching your computer for your most personal files: Simply insert the stick, start the program and then put the stick into your trouser pocket!

The program is completely self-explanatory and still allows some individual settings such as the practical time and size filter in the Plus version. A minimum size is important, for example, if you don't want icon images of programs on the stick. A maximum size specification makes sense especially when transporting large videos, if the stick should have only very limited storage space. In addition, already from the free version, it is possible to determine whether all files on the stick should be listed in a folder or whether the original folder structure should be retained.

Customer testimonials –

This is what our customers have to say.

I made all my photos and music tracks on a stick in 5 minutes, it was very easy. Now I can always take them with me.

Klaus M.