Your desktop looks like a confetti party? This tool is your vacuum cleaner!

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Unlimited rules

File Organizer was developed by Germans. And we Germans have seven rules! Therefore the File Organizer offers you an unlimited number of them! Organize your order according to your taste!

Aaaaand action!

With this smart tool you can not only clean up files but also perform actions. Choose between moving, copying, deleting or compressing data (zip).

Drag & Drop

After the installation you will find an icon on your desktop that knows your rules. Simply drag a file onto the icon and it will be moved to the right place by a wondrous hand.

External drives

With the File Organizer you can also tidy up and sort away external drives such as USB hard drives. Just plug it in, set a rule, and the digital vacuum cleaner's ready to go!

Become a statistician

After starting the program you will immediately see an overview and find out how many files the File Organizer has sorted out for you, how much file and disk space you have already saved.

Who keeps the log?

Your File Organizer voluntarily keeps a log and gives you information about which files have been moved where if you don't know exactly where the last invoice was put away.

Switching or automatic?

The tool can manage all files for you fully automatically and sort them away, delete them and more. Or would you rather keep control? Then everything listens to your push of a button. Nothing moves before that. You decide!

Support from the developer

You can contact the support team at any time via the contact form and have your concerns clarified. Our experts will be happy to help you.

Your advantages in the full version

Unlimited rules

Create as many rules and actions as you like.

Keep forever

Unlimited time of use

Wir helfen gerne

Free email support


6 months free updates & new versions

Buy now for $14.90
Limitations in the trial version

30 days usable, no support


Using the software.

Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start
Screenshot-File Organizer-Start
Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start Screenshot-File Organizer-Start

The File Organizer cleans up the Windows desktop!

For less data confetti on the desktop.

Downloads, new photos, current documents: For many users, these files first end up directly on the desktop. This is where the naked chaos soon breaks out. The new Abelssoft File Organizer ensures order - fully automatically.

Many Windows users pile up their icons on their desktops, preventing them from looking quickly at what's important. Every user knows the cause: For convenience, fresh downloads, newly taken photos or recently edited documents are stored directly on the desktop. That's not nice, but it's human.

Some desktops are so crowded in the long run that nothing can be found again. Cleaning up the desktops also presents users with major time problems. We have therefore developed the Abelssoft File Organizer in order to eliminate the chaos quite simply by mouse click and to edit new files on the desktop fully automatically.

The File Organizer creates its own icon on the desktop. If the user now drags a file onto this icon, it will be processed automatically according to previously set rules. Depending on the file type or certain letter sequences in the file name, the files can be moved to a certain folder and thus automatically sorted away. Files can also be compressed, copied or deleted automatically. The delete function is worthwhile for downloads that are automatically removed from the computer after a few days if desired. So the download folder always remains empty.

The File Organizer does not only accept its work via the desktop icon. The tool can also monitor certain directories, such as the download or desktop directory, in order to edit new files according to the rules at this point. Such monitoring can also be extended to external USB drives, so that these media are also cleaned up automatically.

The tool comes with its own dashboard. On the start page you can see how many files have already been cleaned up and how much space and time has been saved by this automatism. The dashboard also lists all rules and monitored folders that have been set up, so that these settings can be fine-tuned or removed. A time log allows you to track the last activities at any time and open the files listed here at the push of a button.

For pictures, music, videos and documents we have already defined some useful standard rules in the Abelssoft File Organizer. So the tool can start working immediately after installation. Of course, you can change these settings at any time.

Customer testimonials –

This is what our customers have to say.

The program looks inconspicuous but offers a lot of functionality in depth after you have dealt with it. Cool part.

Marco L.