Merging PDF files has never been easier

Merge PDF documents
Merge multiple PDF files

Merges multiple PDF files quickly and easily.

Create a new document from several PDF pages

Create your individual document from single pages of several PDF files.

Very easy operation via drag & drop

The editing and adding of documents is easily done via drag & drop.

Processes an unlimited number of PDF files

With easyPDF an unlimited number of PDF files can be processed.

Magnification mode of individual pages

The individual pages can be enlarged for an optimal overview.

Restore mode

Processing steps can be undone again.

Color display of the PDFs for an optimal overview

The PDFs and pages are color-coded so that the overview is never lost.

Remove selected pages

Removes selected pages from the respective PDF documents.

Your advantages in the Plus version

Unlimited usage

It's yours

Ad free

Elminates all program ads

We're there for you

Free email support


6 months of free updates and new versions

Plus-version for $10.00
Limitations in the free version

Edit a maximum of 3 PDFs simultaneously, donation screen


Using the software.

Edit added PDF document Copy PDF pages into a new document Edit multiple PDF documents Merge PDF documents
Merge PDF documents
Edit added PDF document Copy PDF pages into a new document Edit multiple PDF documents Merge PDF documents

Joining PDF files is so easy

These days, PDF files have become indispensable. Thanks to their universally recognised format, they can be viewed without problems on any operating system and even mobile devices. It’s no wonder PDF files are the most used file type in everyday life and almost everyone has to work with them on a regular basis.

Therefore, a powerful program like Abelssoft Easy PDF should be part of everyone’s basic PC toolkit. With only a few mouse clicks you can merge several documents into one, remove or reorder individual pages or split one big file into several smaller ones.

With Abelssoft Easy PDF really anyone who can use a mouse can do these things completely intuitively with just a few clicks! The program has been designed to be easy to use, so users don’t have to click through complicated menus to get results. You can import your documents either with the simple click of a button or by simply dragging and dropping them into the application and have them be ready for editing immediately.

In a convenient two-column interface you can easily create a new PDF file from several documents, or you can only merge the pages you really need. This can be incredibly handy, e.g. if you only want to forward certain pages or sections from an entire eBook to someone. To keep track of the different PDF files you’re working with, each one is uniquely colour-coded. This makes it really easy to see at a glance which document any given page originated from.

Sven Abels: "We have deliberately focused on a solid range of functions here in order to give the user the possibility of being able to process the most important everyday needs within a few seconds with Easy PDF".

Abelssoft Easy PDF requires Windows 7 to 10. In the free version you can edit up to 3 PDFs at the same time. If you like the tool, you can tip us 10.00 Euro upon exiting the program and receive the Plus version as a thank you. The Plus version allows you to enjoy the program without advertising and also has no limitation on the number of documents that you can work on.