Afraid of hard drive corruption? The HDD doctor keeps everything copacetic.

Check hard disks for errors

CheckDrive offers you an easy way of checking your PCs hard drives for errors. Those errors can be fixed immediately if you like.

Shows drive information

CheckDrive shows info about your drives and determins if your hard drive needs to be cleaned or defragmented.

Monitors hard disks in real-time

The CheckDrive Background Guard monitors all the time the values of your hard drives and alerts you immediately after an error has occured. So you know right away, if something is wrong with your hard drive.


Get more information about the used disk space. Just start FolderVisualizer directly out of CheckDrive.

Ready for Windows 10

This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed.


Using the software.

Customer testimonials –

This is what our customers have to say.

Hello! I just want to say a quick thanks. Checkdrive 2014 immediately and quickly repaired my hard drive, whereas the Windows tool failed!

Teiler D.