MovieCut trims the fat off video files!

Easy as ABC

Of course MovieCut considers the typical Abelssoft-promise to create professional results with just a few clicks. The great work of our design team makes this possible by keeping the user interface simple and clean, yet provide powerful features. Where other programs might confuse you with too many buttons to press, we like to remove all this unnecessary clutter and leave you with exactly what you need.

Useful Effects and Filters

You want to share your fancy new video with the rest of the world? MovieCut takes care of that as well, apart from the classic export you can upload the video to YouTube. With just one click!

Publish your video on YouTube

You want to share your fancy new video with the rest of the world? MovieCut takes care of that as well, apart from the classic export you can upload the video to YouTube. With just one click!

Support for many video formats

Many programs are only able to play a few video formats. This makes frustration inevitable. MovieCut was developed to eliminate this frustration. It supports all common video formats and lets you handle your recorded videos with ease.

Edit your movies in a few minutes

A recorded video can capture precious moments of your life or the life of others: the first steps of your child, the stage acting of your niece or the opening dance on your wedding. Videos shall keep these moments forever. MovieCut is especially made for these moments. Recorded videos can be edited in a few minutes. Your cuts and edits are applied in realtime for you to keep track of all the edits you've done to the video. Results are directly visible in the preview.

Ready for Windows 10

This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. This means for you: You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy this application today and even when you are switching to Windows 10 you can continue using this application without problems.

Your advantages in the full version

No watermarks

Unlimited usage, always

It's yours

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Free email support

Don't miss out

6 months of free updates and new versions

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Limitations in the trial version

Watermarks on finished videos, Limited 30-day trial period, Dialog requesting purchase with each program start


Using the software.

Abelssoft's MovieCut

edit professionally your favourite video in seconds!

Videos nowadays can be made in seconds, with a smartphone, tablet or a video camera. However sometimes they can be too big, too dark, too boring. MovieCut is a new Windows program from Abelssoft that can serve every user immediately. It cuts videos in seconds, lightens the dark scenes and adds a final by adding a mood music to the scene.

A quick recorded video holds precious moments: the first steps of the children, a theatre performance by the granddaughter, the introductory dance at a wedding or an exciting excursion on vacation.

Unfortunately, not all videos are in their best shape to be stored or presented to the family. Most of them are too long or too dark, when the takes were made. Also, a landscape record of a landscape could have a special soundtrack to avoid being boring.

This issues are fought by MovieCut. This Windows software from Abelssoft cuts out all the boring (user selected) scenes from a video and keeps only the best passages of your movie. If you have ever wondered how to edit videos easily, your issues are over.

The software were made to be easy to handle for every use, and at the same time, deliver professional results. In the new version, there is now also a digital image stabilizer, the shaky shots are stabilized so the result is a steady movie.

And that's not all: The program offers many filters and effects to edit the movies, so even if the video turned out to be too dark, the software can light up the video, therefore the details are clearly recognizable.

It is also possible to insert soundtracks or your own music to the scene: in this way, your videos can be more interesting. It's very easy to achieve professional results with a few clicks on your computer.

Dr. Sven Abels, CEO of Ascora GmbH: "Most people do not dare to edit their videos to make them better, because they believe it would be too much complicated. That is the reason we have developed MovieCut 2016, to be easy to use without leaving quality behind."

MovieCut can be tested for free before buying: A trial versions i available on the home page to download. The full version costs a small tip of 29.90 euros. The software supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit).