Synchronizing files between PC and mobile has never been easier

The View of all messages of Send2Phone
Diversity of formats

Send2Phone supports almost every popular format: Links, text, PDF, mp3 or video formats like WMV, AVI, MOV or MPEG. Send2Phone knows them all and therefore is the perfect companion for your everyday life.

As many devices as you like

Everyday life is multifaceted. Send2Phone keeps up: Not only can files be sent from a PC to an Android phone or the other way around, you can also connect as many devices as desired with each other.

Unlimited exchange

Send2Phone allows for exchanging any number of files between PC and Android phone. While the free version is limited to sending files with a size of max. 2 MB, the plus version allows sending files up to 100 MB.

Multi file upload

Send2Phone not only allows for sending one file after the other but also multiple files at once.

Clear design

The chat-like design offers an easy orientation. See at one glance from which device a file was sent.

Developer support

You can contact the developer team via the contact form at any time to resolve your requests. Our experts will be glad to help you.

Optimized for Windows 10

This program has already been optimized for Windows 10. That means: It doesn’t matter which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy today and continue using the program if you switch to Windows 10 later.

Your advantages in the Plus version

Plus-version for $10.00
Limitations in the free version

Only 2 MB per file transfer, no encryption, no support


Using the software.

See all connected deviced at a glance The View of all messages of Send2Phone
The View of all messages of Send2Phone
See all connected deviced at a glance The View of all messages of Send2Phone


The Tool for the Everyday Life

Nowadays almost everybody owns a mobile and a PC and probably the need to “just” move a file from your PC to your mobile too. It sounds easy but in reality it could be quite difficult and tricky.
Send2Phone is a brand new highlight that simplifies your daily life. Use this smart tool to send yourself links, photos, texts, or any file on your mobile – with just one click! It also works the other way around: If the storage space on your mobile is running low, just send your photos to your PC.
Even passwords can be safely sent safely with Send2Phone due to the highest encryption standard AES 256. A big problem for many users: the data volume of their mobile service provider is not sufficient at the end of the month. Therefore, Send2Phone helps to save data volume. From now on there is a great new Alerter, which informs you in time, in case you should not be in the WLAN.