Gets rid of old data littering the system - and has done so for 20 years

PC Cleaning with WashAndGo
Removes Traces

WashAndGo removes internet traces: The Browser-Cache, Cookies, the Browser-History and many more traces of the most common browsers.

Scans the registry for errors

Changing entries within your registry can quickly end in catastrophes if you are not an expert. Our SmartClean feature protects you from this by only cleaning and correcting entries that are garbage. None of your working entries will be touched.

Corrects System Errors

WashAndGo is able to detect system errors and correct them. Your PC will become more stable. The following errors can be recognized and corrected: Defective shortcuts, Windows Registry errors, orphaned entries in your Recent Files folder and wrong uninstall entries in Windows.

Safety First

WashAndGo will only suggest removal of a file or entry if it can be almost 100% certain that it is unnecessary and may be safely deleted. Just in case a problem might arise, WashAndGo does create a security backup which allows you to undo any and all changes for a period of 7 days after cleaning.

Shows statistics and charts about your disk drive

This tool analyzes your harddisks and shows you exactly, which files and folders occupy most of your space.

Automatic Cleanup

WashAndGo can clean your computer automatically: You can schedule when WashAndGo is to clean your System in the background.

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Using the software.

You configure add a lot of different informations PC Cleaning with WashAndGo Tools and Helper for your PC
PC Cleaning with WashAndGo
You configure add a lot of different informations PC Cleaning with WashAndGo Tools and Helper for your PC

WashAndGo combats digital dirt

The cleaning suite for your Windows

WashAndGo is the janitorial staff Windows has always needed. One click is all it takes to dispose of unnecessary files, delete leftover internet data and iron out system errors. The new version uses fresh user interface, finds even more internet debris, and includes a completely new developed registry cleaning function.

Many Windows users entrust their system with its own health and then wonder if its performance is decreasing—and its instability increasing—with time. Their concerns are not misplaced—they’re witnessing the effects of accumulating digital dirt.

WashAndGo is the right utility for users who lack the expertise to remove all the unnecessary files, internet crumbs and system notifications by hand. It’s also the right utility for IT professionals who know how to do it manually, but want to save a lot of time by letting WashAndGo do the dirty work.

WashAndGo has now been around for twenty years. Over the course of this time the tool has been repeatedly revised, optimized, and adapted to the latest operating systems. As such, users can be confident in the utility, as it exhibits reliability and consistency befitting its years. Additionally, users can rest easy knowing WashAndGo features an integrated backup module that saves all deleted data and settings, letting them restore their system easily.

The cleaning functions of WashAndGo can be utilized individually or in combination. The fresh user interface makes it even easier for users to find their way around the program. With a click, temporary data—unnecessary log files and obsolete backup—is deleted.

Another type of cleaning concerns internet traces—cache files, cookies, and other files browsers save to the hard disk. They occupy a surprising amount of space, and allow third-parties to understand and analysis internet usage. WashAndGo removes these traces. This cleaning also applies to the temporary history of over 500 other applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. WashAndGo’s File Shredder is capable of destroying sensitive data so thoroughly that it can never be recovered. Extremely important: broken links, invalid entries, and outdated uninstall entries in the registry that can slowly cripple the system. WashAndGo corrects these issues. WashAndGo 2016 offers the user a completely new developed registry cleaner.

It scans the central Windows registry, removing any entries no longer needed. The registry is thereby cleansed, making the remaining entries faster to access.


What the press is saying.


WashandGo has a very easy-to-navigate user interface that will appeal to novice and advanced users alike.


WashAndGo is a maintenance tool that will help you keep your PC in perfect working order, deleting unnecessary files...


This program receives an “absolutely recommendable” from me... (Axel Gerken, Chief editor for DownloadMix.com, DownloadMix.de, Download-Apps.de und GamesMix.de.)

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