Put an end to the waste of ink! CleverPrint reduces printing costs by up to 50%!

Sparen Sie Druckerkosten mit CleverPrint
Saves Money

Printing multiple pages on one is possible (1, 2, 4, 8). Unnecessary Pages can be excluded from the print job.

Saves printer cartridge

The new CleverPrint toner saving function allows to lighten up your print job before printing. This ensures a reduced Consumption of the printer ink than usual.


CleverPrint is able to convert printjobs into PDF documents, or into PNG, JPG, etc.

Optimises PrintJobs

CleverPrint can remove graphics within a printjob and thus drastically reduce printing costs

Cleans up

Documents in the printjob can be ordered (by the most important page p.a.). You can also combine a printjob from many different programs. For example mix a printjob from Microsoft Word and Excel.

Saves Time

CleverPrint saves and manages letterheads and can print them on any document you want.


Watermarks, text or pictures can be inserted in foreground or background of the print job.

Ready for Windows 10

This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed.

Your advantages in the full version

PDF export

Export your optimized documents as PDFs

Unlimited usage

It's yours

We're there for you

Free email support

Don't miss out

6 months of free updates and new versions

Buy now for $39.95
Limitations in the trial version

Watermarks on printed documents, Limited 30-day trial period, Dialog requesting purchase with each program start


Using the software.

Sparen Sie Druckerkosten mit CleverPrint Spart neben Druckerkosten auch Co2 Zeigt die Möglichkeit mehrere Seiten auf eine Seite zu drucken Hauptansicht von CleverPrint
Sparen Sie Druckerkosten mit CleverPrint
Sparen Sie Druckerkosten mit CleverPrint Spart neben Druckerkosten auch Co2 Zeigt die Möglichkeit mehrere Seiten auf eine Seite zu drucken Hauptansicht von CleverPrint

CleverPrint - the best way to save ink and paper

Save up to 50% of paper resources

CleverPrint : The Windows paper-saver now featuring a new ink and toner-saver function! Conserving resources, conserving money—these things are especially important in the workplace. In the last year, CleverPrint for Windows has succeeded, with the use of many subtle tricks, in saving huge amounts of paper in the course of daily printing. The new 2016 version includes, for the first time, a new ink-saver function that spares the user unnecessary toner and ink consumption.

Office printing can quickly take a bite out of one’s wallet—but CleverPrint for Windows has the muzzle to put a stop to it. To this point the software has targeted, above all, wasted paper in the workplace and home office. Up to 50% of paper resources can be conserved with little, “clever“ tricks. One such technique is to display a preview of the print job in order to prevent unnecessary mistakes. One can even remove entire pages at this point if they discover they’re superfluous or blank.

It’s also possible to save a significant amount of paper by compressing multiple pages onto a single sheet of paper. In booklet print mode the printout is arranged so it can be folded and stapled, thus creating a small book. The most economical option: the print job is not actually printed, but instead saved as a new file. In this way the user can optionally create a PDF file or an image file in JPG, TIFF or PNG format. With this method the “printed“ page can be easily archived, emailed, or posted to Facebook, no matter what format it was originally.

In addition, users can include letterheads and watermarks on their printouts, filter out promotional images from their personal printouts, and start a climate-savings calculator which continuously records how much water, wood, CO2 and energy CleverPrint has helped save. CleverPrint features let you print directly from Microsoft programs. Another function is the new ink and toner saver function. By pressing a button the user is able to brighten an entire print job—thus all texts, pictures, and graphics can be produced with less ink. The printout will remain legible, but use significantly less ink.

Dr. Sven Abels, chief executive of Ascora GmbH: "Printer ink and printer toner: these are two of the most expensive office supplies in existence. Anyone who can conserve them is rewarded with a heavier wallet. The new ink-saver function is so important to us that we’ve decided to permanently unlock it even in the free version."

CleverPrint 2016 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 und Windows 10.


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