Here you’ll find an array of tools to assist you in a variety of daily tasks.

MyKeyFinder Boxshot

Misplaced one of those pesky product keys? MyKeyFinder’s got you covered!

Boxshot of SyncManager 2017
SyncManager 2017

All the data in all the right places - The file butler takes care of the details.

Abelssoft Undeleter

Oops! It’s easy to accidently delete files - but now it’s almost equally easy to restore them.

FolderVisualizer 7

Give yourself X-ray vision and look inside your hard drive to find out what’s hogging your space!

EverDoc Boxshot
EverDoc 2017

A digital document archiver that puts everything within arm’s reach.

PDFCompressor 2017

Everyone’s looking for more space; now you can shrink PDF files up to 80%

Boxshot of Send2Phone

Send files from PC to Android phone. Or the other way around.