In the media we read almost daily of data theft in all its facets. The reason is usually simple: Users can protect their computers insufficient against external attacks. It is still true: With a secure and constantly updated system you are well protected - all you need for it, can be found here!

Boxshot of Anti Ransomware
Abelssoft AntiRansomware

Best protection from extortion through Trojans and hostage-taking of your data.

AntiBrowserSpy Boxshot

Your Internet browsing habits are your own business!

Boxshot of Cryptbox 2017

Security level: invincible – data encryption with CryptBox.

GClean 2017 Boxshot

Use Google services anonymously and without limitation.

Boxshot of the passwortmanager KeyDepot

Your own password depot - the most effieicent way to manage passwords

Boxshot of FileWing Shredder
FileWing Shredder

Done is done - FileWing Shredder irretrievably deletes files.

ToolbarTerminator Boxshot

Toolbars are persistent browser-pests - time to call the exterminator!

Boxshot of AntiLogger
Abelssoft AntiLogger

Hide your data from prying eyes! AntiLogger detects spyware inhabiting your PC.

Boxshot of Priweb
PriWeb (5 GB / Hauptprodukt-Webseite)

Surfing the Internet anonymously. PriWeb offers a 100% cover.

Win10Privacy Fix Boxshot

Windows 10 will violate your privacy if allowed, but not with this tool!