Our multimedia tools help you bring your creative visions to life—Godspeed Mr. Spielberg!

Download Songs from Youtube.
YouTube Song Downloader

All of the music on YouTube - downloaded to your computer with a single click!

Schirmfoto 2017

Screenshots are now rendered child’s play, requiring just a single click.

CCFinder 7

A picture is worth more than a 1000 words - and now you can find them legally and free!

Converter4Video 2017

Doesn’t matter which one you need - now you’ll always have the right video format.

Boxshot of the new VideoCompressor
VideoCompressor 2017

Honey, I shrunk the videos - the new VideoCompressor tool

mp3 schneiden 2017

Manipulate music with ease by enlisting the bravest little MP3 cutter.

Boxshot of MusicExtractor
MusicExtractor 2017

All wheat, no chaff. This tool extracts the audio track from videos.

Tagman 2017

Bring order to your musical domain, never again facing unnamed mystery music!

MovieCut 2016

Be the director and edit your videos how you see fit.

Boxshot for ArtiPic

Edit photos like the pros with only a few clicks!

Boxshot Recodify
Recordify 2017

Download and save music from streaming services as file with a simple click.


Listen to Internet radios, record the music immediately and store for free.