Store and record every earwig from the Internet radio with one click

New generation radio player

Choose any song you like from the Internet Radio with one mouse click. Whether rock, pop or country: With BeatStar you quickly can find the right radio station.

Record music immediately

Easily download any radio song with one mouse click and store it as MP3- or FLAC-file.

Mood Mode

A continuously matching background ensures good mood and is changing for each daytime.

Genre- and favorites list

Thanks to a modern overview of genres and favorites you will keep an overview of all channels and playfully explove new radio stations you could be interested in.


Recorded songs are saved automatically as MP3-file

Cassette recorder of a new generation

Record any song from the Internet radio with one click and save it permanently. Already playing songs are downloaded in full length as well

Add radio stations

You are allowed to add and use missing radio stations every time

Your advantages in the Plus version

Plus-version for $10.00
Limitations in the free version

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Using the software.

Screen_Startpage Screen_Radiostations Screen_Favourites Screen_Recordings Screen_Saving Recording
Screen_Startpage Screen_Radiostations Screen_Favourites Screen_Recordings Screen_Saving Recording

Experience the new possibilites with Internet radio

Easily play every channel, record music and store it for free, whenever you like

Unimpededly work or surf with your computer and hear the radio station you like at the same time. BeatStar leaves no music wishes to be desired, records your favorite song for you with one click. With BeatStar, downloading and saving music from Internet radions is intuitive and therefore very easy.

A comprehensive overview shows you all popular radio stations, but also gives room for adding specific radio stations. You also will keep the overview of your favorite channels. To ensure that the search for Internet radios fits to your individual needs even more, you can also rummage for your favorite station in the most different genres like pop, rock, folk music, techno, classic, metal and more. Thats why this webradio-software opens nearly endless expanses for you in an dead easy, well structured way. The radio-software also takes care of a good mood, while it matches the background for the current daytime you are using the programm. With BeatStar, you will experience the whole variety of the Internet radio and enjoy the most beautiful pieces of music anytime.

The intelligent webradio-tool aims to record your favorite music and stores it as MP3-file. As a result, you can download songs from internet radios for free and store it. Of course you can play it later on as you like, send it to mobile devices or save it onto classical mediums like USB or CD.

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„Finally i can download music parenthetically.“

Rüdiger W.