Do you want to protect your child from dangers? ToyAlarm monitors the huge range of toys products for you!

Monitors toys and children’s accessoires

ToyAlarm warns you on officially confirmed product recalls instantly, which lets you have control over dangers in toys and other accessoires that come in contact with your child.

Automatic Notification

the app instantly raises an alarm on your smartphone in case of a product recall that might affect you, so you never miss a product recall again and instantly can react!

Individual protection

You can create a list of product names or keywords for the app to especially look for, so you can better keep an eye on suspicious products.

Foolproof use

The app is very easy to use and shows all information at one glance!


Using the software.

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Screenshot_overview Screenshot_details Screenshot_home Screenshot_Sort Screenshot_watchlist

ToyAlarm can save your children’s life!

The app warns you instantly, when a malicious danger lingers in a toy.

Studies prove that even only up to age 6, our children play over 15,000 hours, mostly using toys. As nearly every day harmful toys even by well-known manufacturers get recalled, danger probability for children is surprisingly high. ToyAlarm warns you instantly as soon as something is not okay with a toy and there is a product recall. This way, you can instantly act and remove harmful products from your children’s reach to prevent the worst.

ToyAlarm protects from dangers of swallowing, injury and strangling as well as harmful materials as cancer-causing benzene, lead or softeners. Also children’s clothing and baby accessories like pacifiers, bottles, buggys, etc. are monitored by the app.

A data collection shows that 90% of parents trust a toy when it carries seals of approval or is commonly known as harmless. If the toy is educational or in which country it was made only matters on place 3 and 4, trust-wise. Official seals of approval for many mark the cream of the crop and seem to cause blind trust in parents. However, many forget that a seal of approval doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, especially, since only a few products can be tested and the problems often occur in later production. ToyAlarm’s protection is superior so you can let your child play untroubled.

Customer testimonials –

This is what our customers have to say.

„My children put things in their mouth constantly. Therefore I’d like to know if a toy is dangerous and get recalled by the manufacturer.“

Alexandra B., 32 years, kindergarden worker and mother of 2 children